itWeekly #301: Curating Content for Parent Night


As teachers, we want to make sure our students and their parents access all the great digital resources we discover, create, and require them to see. The process of getting them to navigate to all those resources can be a real challenge.



Too many websites! They will never type in all those web addresses.

Put all the links on a wiki page for them to access.

Need help creating a wiki?
Contact your Instructional Technology Specialist!
I need them to access documents during and after parent night.
Upload any file (under 100 MB) to your wiki.

The wiki address is too long! They have a hard time remembering it or typing it in.

Create a URL shortened link using

I can't tell that they have actually accessed content that I asked them to.

Both Wikispaces and have analytics data. You can see the number of unique visitors to your links!

Date: August 30, 2012

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