CMS Instructional Technology Weekly-9:
Be Motivated(Favorite Motivational YouTube Clips)

Date: May 9, 2011

Bellow you will find the Podcast (audio) and Vodcast (Video). You do not need an iOS device (iPod, iPhone, iPad) to listen or watch any of these casts. Just click play (looks like a triangle).


(video blacks out for about 10 seconds at 10minutes... keep watching there is more)

Links Discussed In Pod/Vodcast (Note all videos should be previewed and vetted for appropriate audience before showing):

Other MOTIVATIONAL Favorites:

  • Please join the discussion on Motivational Videos that you use, or how you would use them in your class on yammer:
  • Just reply to the itWeekly-9 Post and thread it, add your favorite links to other Motivational Favorites.