CMS Instructional Technology Weekly-1: Digital Citizenship

Date: March 8, 2011 (Technology Tuesday)
CMS Acceptable Use Policy:For the first CMS Instructional Technology Weekly we have decided to overview the CMS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). It may not be "exciting" but it is necessary.
(the AUP is below and our script is here:
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(although recorded March 1, not posted till March 6th)
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AUP: Internet Acceptable Use Policy.pdf

Photo Release Form: Photo and Video Release Form.pdf



We would also like to bring to your attention Yammer. Yammer is a professional collaborative environment that allows individuals within an enterprise to share across boundaries. This website may NOT be for everyone, but you and your staff may find it of value. It looks like facebook, but the value is in the Professional Environment and building of your PLN and borodedning your PLC. Yammer is NOT the place to post about what you had for breakfast. But is a place to connect with other educators across the district.

If you decide to share with your staff, please keep in mind the MANY responsibilities that classroom teachers have. Please never make any of our suggestions "mandatory", but allow teachers the opportunity to explore. We offer this website to you to decide if you believe it is something your staff would use to engage in a larger PLN and PLC.

Continue the conversation on yammer here:

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Jacob Standish (email, twitter)
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